Your wedding day: through the lens of a trusted professional

I’m so glad you found me.  
If my images speaks to you, we probably have a lot in common. We’re lovers of adventure and impromptu exploration. We hold the people we love tightly.  And we’re always searching for a little something more—something richer, sweeter, deeper and more full of life.  We believe in watching the sunset and standing still in front of the ocean, we want to make the most out our experiences because sometimes it's beautiful to just be in the moment.  
These are the values that define my life and my work.  I want to create images for my clients that have meaning—timeless images free of questionable trends.  Beautiful heirlooms that will make you smile just as much in fifty years as they do right after your honeymoon.  I want to capture all that endures.  
For the past six years, I’ve had the privilege of documenting couples like you as they celebrate the journey that has lead to a lifetime of commitment. It is my honor to walk them through the whole process; laughing with them, crying with them, dancing with them, and helping them tell the story that makes their love so special.  
I am passionate about my craft, my career, and above all, I value your experience.  I cannot wait to hear your love story.  
Creatively Yours,

Danielle Coons Watson


I am one of those lucky people who has an ordinary life filled with extraordinary moments.

I'm a city girl who was born in Boston, grew up in Philadelphia but now call Northeast PA home.  I love traveling the world, chasing light and being under a different sky! I believe a photograph has the ability to bring you back to an exact moment in time and I strive to tell the most authentic story possible.  I have an amazing husband who encourages me to chase my dreams, travel the world and cooks me dinner most nights.  I'm also a mother to a beautiful little girl, named Isla, who's favorite activities include kitchen dance parties and eating donuts.

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