Danielle Coons Watson

I like to say I am a musically-motivated highly-caffeinated, incredibly passionate wedding photographer based out of Scranton, PA!  Even though I call NEPA my home, my passion allows me to travel the world documenting people and their stories. I’m a hopeless romantic inspired by real-life love stories, golden sunlight, “can’t breath” moments, and finding the beauty in simplicity.
I am one of those lucky people who has an ordinary life filled with extraordinary moments!



11 Fun and RANDOM Facts about ME

1)   We found wedding planning extremely overwhelming — so my husband and I eloped.  We got married on a cliff side on an island in Scotland.  Our witnesses were our photographer + the captain of the boat.
2)  We named our daughter, Isla (eye-lah) as a tribute to the most beautiful place we’ve ever been together. (It’s Scottish for ‘island’)
3)  When I was younger I refused to eat pizza and mac and cheese.  That has all changed now!
4)  Before I started my own business as a wedding photographer, I spent 6 years working in the advertising world as a Graphic Designer/Art Director & an adjunct professor at Marywood University!
5)  I’ve been a bridesmaid 12 times. About to make it 13 in September 2017!
6)  One of my hidden talents is my ability to parallel park!
7)  I have an amazing, sassy, friendly yet very opinionated cat named Athena who I take a selfie with everyday.  I also have a step-kitty named Pirate (who only has love for her father!).
8)  I cry at every single wedding.  It’s not always during the same moment either.  Every wedding it is different.  But it inevitably happens.
9)  Every day when my husband leaves for work I remind him to “have a good adventure.”
10)  I once fell down a waterfall during an engagement session.  The session ended before it even began but the couple and I are now really good friends!!
11) I am always up for an adventure! If you are a carefree, loving, adventurous couple – – I most definitely would love to capture your story (as long as it doesn’t involve waterfalls).
12) 11 is my favorite number.