Danielle Coons Watson

I like to say I am a musically-motivated highly-caffeinated, incredibly passionate wedding photographer based out of Scranton, PA!  Even though I call NEPA my home, my passion allows me to travel the world documenting people and their stories. I’m a hopeless romantic inspired by real-life love stories, golden sunlight, “can’t breath” moments, and finding the beauty in simplicity.
I am one of those lucky people who has an ordinary life filled with extraordinary moments!


10 Fun and RANDOM Facts about ME

1)   I found wedding planning extremely overwhelming.  So my husband and I eloped.  We got married, just the two of us, on a cliff side in Scotland.
2)  I have a cosmic connection to Jason Mraz.
3)  When I was younger I refused to eat pizza and mac and cheese.
4)  In high school I won several awards for my photographs.  I won a total of $1500 and a cool plaque!
5)  I’ve been a bridesmaid 12 times.
6)  One of my hidden talents is my ability to parallel park in any situation.
7)  I have an amazing, sassy, friendly yet very opinionated cat named Athena.  And also a step-kitty named Pirate (who hates me for some reason).
8)  I’ve unsuccessfully tried to give up drinking Diet Coke for 10 years.  I’m down to one a day. Baby steps…
9)  I cry at every single wedding.  It’s not always during the same moment either.  Every wedding it is different.  But it inevitably happens.
10)  I daydream a lot when I drive, especially about photographing a wedding in New Zealand or Australia.